List of Richest Fuji musicians in Nigeria and their net worth

List of  Richest Fuji musicians in Nigeria and their net worth

Music is actually what makes life fun and beautiful,there is no celebration without music and this have really brought wealth to many talented Nigeria musicians on every type of music.
Fuji music is one kind of music that is well known and listen to especially in the western part of Nigeria among the yorubas and it is a combination of Sakara,Apala,Juju,Afro,Gudugudu,Aro and high life.These are all the factors that makes up Fuji Music.

Today we shall be bringing to you the list of Richest Fuji Musicians in Nigeria and their worth.

List of  Richest Fuji musicians in Nigeria and their net worth.

1.Ayinde Wasiu Mashal, whose net worth is N750 Million.


Ayinde Wasiu Mashal as at now, have dislodged the famous Pasuma Wonders from the number spot.   To this end, he is celebrated as the Richest Fuji Musician in Nigeria. Born on the 3rd March 1957 in Lagos Island.he has done over 50 albums to his credit. Based on his net worth, he is seen as the richest Fuji musician in Nigeria.


2. Abass Akande Obesere – Net worth is N500 Million.


This great musician  is known for his type of Fuji music which is kind of unique and different from the other types. Possibly one of my favorites in the market and sort after Fuji Musician. The Music Icon Obesere is a well respected music artist who have traveled far and near to perform in shows. A very successful person when it comes to Fuji music in Nigeria. Though he had a very quite beginning and from our sources, Akande started from primary school.Below are some of his most selling Fuji songs.3.


3.Pasuma Wonder: Net worth N455 Million

Pasuma Wonders is the most popular and famous of them all. Pasuma was once the richest amongst them but today he lies third in the pegging order. According to recent survey on him, his name and fame have crossed the length and breadth of the western and southern Nigeria. His album titled Oribokibo in 1995 brought him wealth and fame. And today many people see him as the richest.Recently Pasuma wonders bought his daughter a brand new toyota matrix as a birthday gift.


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